Marketing on Amazon – stand out with show stopping content using Amazon Storefront

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What is Amazon Storefront? How do I get started? What can it do for me?

In e-commerce sales, broad brand visibility matters for businesses of all sizes. As online sales grow, platforms like Amazon offer exciting opportunities to create distinctive content. One such platform is Amazon Storefront, which allows you to build an online store that looks like your brand directly on Amazon. The functionality is currently only available to brands that are part of Amazon’s brand registry.

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What is Amazon Storefront?

Amazon Storefront is, in all its simplicity, a branded website on Amazon. Storefront is the only place on Amazon where other sellers and your competitors cannot advertise their products at all. Storefront allows you to have an online shopping experience that is branded and protected from competitor ads in a way that feels like a regular online shopping experience, while reaching Amazon’s massive user base.

Storefront is a free self-service tool that allows you to create a home for your brand on Amazon. It’s a great tool to adopt, as you can easily showcase all your brand’s products and build brand awareness. Storefronts are easy to navigate, as they resemble a regular online store. Although Storefront is a free tool for Amazon sellers, it is by no means open to all sellers. A seller’s brand must be part of Amazon’s brand registry to access the tool. To join the brand register, you need a trademark in your Amazon country or in the EU trademark register.

Key features

  1. Storefront has a lot to offer the seller, but the most important and useful features are these:
  • Customizable layouts: sellers can design a page that looks the way they want with a wide variety of templates, sections and multimedia elements.
  • Branded URLs: storefronts have their own brand-specific URLs, which you can also share on channels outside of Amazon.
  • Analytics tools: store insights provides tracking data on visitors, site views and sales. Get more insight into your brand’s performance and trends.
  • Product highlighting: retailers can better highlight specific products or collections, for instance according to seasonality.
  • Creating a consistent brand image: allows you to tell your brand story and display memorable content.

Examples of Storefronts from different brands

Improving customer experience with Storefront

Amazon Storefront is built with the customer in mind. Built to be intuitive and visually appealing, the site helps customers navigate the brand’s website and find what they need. Storefront provides customers a seamless way to explore your brand’s offerings, which in turn improves their purchase decision.

A professional-looking storefront that resembles a standard online store builds credibility and makes it easier for customers to trust your brand and its offerings. In addition, carefully crafted product pages and a wealth of positive reviews help customers to make a buying decision.

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Getting started on Amazon is quick and relatively inexpensive, but success requires an understanding of the e-commerce giant’s business logic. Getting to the top of Amazon’s search results requires a careful strategy and continuous optimisation. Our knowledgeable journey leaders will be happy to discuss your business’s potential in the ecommerce jungle with you – feel free to contact us!