US company Prodigy Disc chooses Your Amazon Partners as their European growth partner

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Your Amazon Partners will be responsible for the European Amazon operations of Prodigy Disc, a successful frisbee golf company. The partnership, which began in March 2022, will enable Prodigy Disc to meet its growth targets and conquer the Amazon market in Europe.

Prodigy Disc is a US manufacturer of frisbee golf equipment. The company was founded in 2012 by world champions in the sport. They intended to create more innovative products for the sport. They succeeded beyond expectations, and since the beginning, the company’s products have received excellent reception and feedback from demanding enthusiasts and professionals.

The company also sponsors more than 150 players worldwide. The sponsoring team includes some of the most respected and highest-ranked players globally.

Prodigy Disc has been successful in the US Amazon market, and this has sparked interest in the European Amazon market as well.

“There are a lot of enthusiasts of the sport in the European market and with it the demand. However, conquering the European Amazon market on our own would not have made sense and would have had little chance of success. Your Amazon Partners offered us the best solution for this, and outsourcing sales was easy”, says Lasse Paju, CEO of Prodigy Disc Europe.

Prodigy Disc raced a large number of Amazon operators to select a partner. YAP convinced the company with its best expertise and transparent operating model.

“YAP provides us with exceptional data and a view of future Amazon sales and costs. It allows us to reliably simulate sales and costs in different markets and make decisions based on facts. YAP’s Amazon expertise and algorithm technologies are also reflected in the results of their projects with various customers”, says Dick Lampinen, IT Manager of Prodigy Disc.

In the short term, Prodigy Disc is already the second leading US brand in the customer base of Your Amazon Partners, which is looking for strong growth in the European market.

“We noticed already at the beginning of our cooperation that the Prodigy Disc brand is top quality. Growth targets have been set high, and we will succeed in them together with Prodigy Disc. We have an energetic enthusiasm for the project. It is visible from the experts to the CEO when we get to work and show off our expertise with an ambitious brand”, says Viljami Frank, CEO of Your Amazon Partners.


Additional information and contact:

Viljami Frank
CEO, Your Amazon Partners
+358 44 263 7012