Registering a German tax number is a laborious and time-consuming process – this is how to get it easily

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German Amazon is an excellent marketplace for your products. To sell in the online store, the seller must have a valid German tax number, which takes time to obtain. Therefore, it is recommended to handle the process with a professional. is Germany’s leading marketplace and has increased its market share in recent years. According to a rough estimate, an average of 1,000 products are sold there every minute. The potential for business expansion is enormous, and by doing the right thing, a company can significantly increase its turnover.

Simply making a sales decision to conquer new markets is not enough. One of the first measures required is registering a German tax number. In the Amazon FBA model, activating a sales account requires a tax number when products are stored in Germany.

Why leave the registration of a tax number to professionals?

You can register the number yourself, but it’s not simple. For a first-timer, in particular, it may take a long time to send all the information to the German tax office. The transaction is in German, so it is worth having some language skills. A busy entrepreneur or company manager has more important things to do than filling out documents, so it’s good to leave the tedious process to a professional partner. YAP provides a convenient service for opening a tax number.


The tax number registration process is as follows:

  1. We will ask you for your company’s basic information, the necessary documents, and the driving license or passport of the person in charge of the company.
  2. We will send the documents to the German tax office and fill out the required form.
  3. We will send the form to you for signing.
  4. After this, the processing time is about two months.
  5. We will send you your tax number.

Do you want to take your product to Amazon in Germany? We serve our customers who start selling on the online store and other companies that need a tax number. Contact us, and we will bring your product together to the leading marketplace in Germany!