eBay – starting to sell and boosting your visibility

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eBay is one of the world’s best-known and longest-running online trading platforms, providing a platform for selling and buying both new and second-hand goods. But is starting to sell on eBay easy? And what steps do you need to take to boost your sales?

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Starting to sell

Creating a seller account on eBay is delightfully easy. To create a seller account, you need either bank account or credit card details, tax information and your ID. The next step is to set up your shipping, returns and payment policies and you can start listing products! Please note that businesses registered within the EU must wait for eBay’s verification before creating their first listings.

While eBay allows you to sell and buy almost anything, they also have an exhaustive list of product categories that are restricted or banned. It is always the seller’s responsibility to ensure that the products are allowed for sale by the platform. 

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Boosting your sales

An interesting feature of eBay is the optimisation of listings when selecting categories. The main category should be chosen carefully, as it plays an important role in the findability of the listing. In addition, you can choose another category to which the listing belongs. In this way you can increase visibility among your target audience.

Another feature that can boost sales is eBay’s “item specifics” tags. When you create a listing, eBay requires you to add a few mandatory tags, which vary by category. With these tags, you increase the visibility of your product on eBay as well as on third-party search engines.

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Since eBay also allows auctions, it is obvious that when creating listings, the seller has to choose whether to sell the item at a fixed price, to allow bidding on it or to allow both ways for the listing.

You can market on eBay by advertising your listings directly or by creating promotional codes and coupons. Use social media and global advertising to support your marketing efforts, so you can reach buyers from as wide an area as possible.

All in all, both function, starting to sell and boosting your sales, are made simple and straight forward on eBay! Still, doing it by yourself might be daunting. Our expert travel guides will be happy to discuss the potential of your business in the e-commerce jungle with you – contact us with a low threshold.