Why register a trademark on Amazon?

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Companies spend a lot of money on brand development, as it is the brand that helps the product stand out from competitors’ products. The brand also provides a clear competitive advantage, as it communicates quality and a particular lifestyle that buyers pursue when purchasing products from that brand. That’s why it’s worth registering a brand on Amazon. By registering, you protect your trademark. You also get access to Amazon’s rich branding tools.

The benefits of brand registration on Amazon

    • Blocking copiers. In some countries, such as China, foreign trademark rights have no effect. It’s a sad fact that Amazon, like other channels, has sellers that violate brand owner rights. Once a brand is registered with Amazon, the owner has a better chance of protecting their products through Amazon’s support team.
    • Producing better content. Registered brands can add more content to product listings. Instead of the previous seven images, you can upload a significantly larger number of product and brand images.
    • Ability to add product videos to listings and the Amazon live stream section. In our experience, a video added to a product listing can significantly impact conversion.
  • Storefront page. Storefront is the brand’s own page on Amazon, where you can tell about the brand and its products, for example. You can add links to product listings to Storefront, so it’s basically like an online store within Amazon.
  • Top banner ads. Registered brands can display ads in the top banner of search pages. Normally, your ads will only appear on product pages in search pages and within product listings.
  • New monitoring and reporting tools. Amazon offers registered brands extensive opportunities to track customer search and purchase behavior as well as their demographic information.

Thus, brand registration on Amazon protects the trademark and can also increase brand credibility and significantly improve product conversion.

How to register a brand on Amazon

We recommend the Amazon IP Accelerator for registration. Traditionally, registration takes several months, while with IP Accelerator, a couple of weeks may be enough. Amazon provides law firms that register on behalf of the customer, for example, in the United States, to the USPTO (The United States Patent and Trademark Office). The seller will have access to Amazon’s brand features already at this stage. Registering in one category costs just over € 1,000.

But you don’t have to be an expert in this process – YAP is happy to help you. Take contact!