Which kind of business are best suited for selling on Amazon?

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Amazon is the world’s largest one-stop, online marketplace, offering businesses of all sizes great opportunities for internationalisation. For small brands in particular, it allows them to compete with globally renowned large companies. Yet, sadly, few Finnish companies have so far embarked on the Amazon conquest.

Perhaps you too have ignored the news about the opportunities offered by Amazon and thought that selling on Amazon is not really right for your business or that its time will come later? Misconceptions and doubts about the new unknown are understandable, but they are mostly untrue. If your company’s goal is to grow and internationalise, Amazon is a key sales channel to achieve results.

Amazon is already a big deal in Europe and the Nordic countries, and is spreading ever closer. The earlier you go there, the better you will do on Amazon, as this will give you a competitive advantage over other companies. If your business misses an opportunity now, it will be a bitter pill to swallow later and realise that the ship has sailed.

In this blog, we’ll go through why you should also explore the potential of your product in different Amazon markets and start selling wisely with an experienced partner.

Selling on Amazon is especially worth considering if your business:

  1. Manufactures its own products, either in-house or with a strong brand.
    Whether your company’s product is a new type of kitchenware, electronics or almost anything from seasonal products to sports equipment, you can reach a much wider audience on Amazon than on the domestic market.
  2. The strategic objective is growth and internationalisation.
    For a growth-oriented company, exploring the potential of Amazon is more than necessary. The size of your company is of little importance, but it is a good idea to have some funding in your back pocket when you set out to conquer Amazon.

The key to success on Amazon is the ability to identify the right search terms, position yourself with the right strengths and build product listings from them that will convince shoppers in seconds. The key to long-term success, in turn, lies in knowing and using the Amazon algorithm.

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What kind of product should you sell to get results on Amazon?

To make your product successful on Amazon, it’s important to make it stand out from the crowd. There are different strategies to do this, which are outlined below:

  • A completely new product idea. A brand new product idea means that your product solves a customer problem or need in a new and better way. In this way, your product can become a real hit.
  • A new design. Another option is to have an old product idea, but a new look and feel. For example, the colour or design may be different from previous products.
  • Better or more versatile features. If you bring a product to Amazon that is inherently better than the competition, you can make your product a success.
  • Positioning. The final strategy is product positioning, which means you position your product better than your competitors. Your product should still stand out from other products, but the differentiation factor can be smaller, such as sleek packaging or high-quality product images.

Your own online shop rarely beats the opportunities offered by an online retail giant

Amazon offers many advantages that you can’t get with just your own online shop. For example, you’ll reach a new audience because Amazon is the world’s largest one-stop shop for e-commerce and is trusted by customers. For smaller brands in particular, it can be difficult to achieve the same level of trust without Amazon.

As well as bringing you new customers, Amazon also supports other sales channels. You may have read product reviews on Amazon yourself, even if you’ve made a purchase elsewhere. This is very common and it’s worth remembering that Amazon makes it easy for customers to get to know your brand. Retailers also use Amazon to identify new products for their own sales channels.

Amazon offers payment services and a pre-automated logistics chain and, especially with the help of experienced guides, it is easy to start selling on Amazon. Creating an equally versatile and popular e-commerce platform like Amazon on your own is very challenging, if not almost impossible. That’s why a wise business leader will take their company to where the cash flow is already waiting.

Interested in conquering Amazon? We can help!

The saying “Well planned is half done” also applies to the Amazon conquest. To succeed on the e-commerce giant’s platform, it’s important to make comprehensive research and a good plan .

Without proper planning, your entry into Amazon will become haphazard and you won’t be able to make fact-based decisions such as expanding into new Amazon markets.

We can help you put together a plan to get you started. Our team has years of experience taking multiple companies to Amazon and we know the secrets of the e-commerce jungle, so we’re sure we can help you and your business too.

Our pre-launch mapping includes a market analysis, keyword research, clarification of Amazon’s competitive advantages, margin calculations and sales model selection, an action plan and recommendations for moving forward. Our in-depth market analysis will also help you develop your business in the domestic market.

Once a comprehensive mapping and plan is in place, we will also help you go deeper into the rainforest. We can help you with preparation and entry, as well as subsequent growth and development. Find out more about the services we offer here and contact us!