Clearing your road to Amazon: In the e-commerce jungle, successful sales require an ongoing effort

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This series of articles is based on numerous discussions and experiences with our customers from various industries. We’ll go through topics that make business decision-makers think when they consider accelerating international growth through Amazon e-commerce sales.

In the first part of the series, the customer considered launching international digital product sales to ensure future growth. After weighing various options, he chose the Amazon e-commerce platform, as Amazon already had a sufficient amount of demand available with a reasonable investment. Your Amazon Partners was selected as the partner for the internationalization, and the customer company began to clear its road to Amazon.

In the second part of the series, we began surveying and designing the Amazon project. The produced information led to an action plan to start conquering the Amazon market concretely. In the third part, Amazon sales began with the delivery of products to Amazon warehouses, the launch of product listings, and optimization.

In the e-commerce jungle, plans and forecasts must be reviewed regularly

The customer’s products were now on sale in selected Amazon markets, and the tension brought about by the sales boost phase began to fade. Everyone was satisfied with the start of product sales: it started within 24 hours of launch. With the optimization of YAP’s product listings, organic sales had also started well during the first three weeks.

Now was the time to stop and look forward.

YAP’s first task was to update the demand and sales forecast for the first phase to reflect completed and future sales. The logistics plan was revised, and stock items were optimized upwards to avoid a sold-out situation over the next 12 months. The timing and budget of Amazon’s internal and external marketing were also carefully reviewed. The changes made to the plans for the first phase were subtle but essential.

In the e-commerce jungle, profitable sales are ensured through continuous services

The customer decided to outsource first-line customer service to YAP in terms of ongoing services. This made sense, as the American Amazon market requires a lot of daily English-language customer service that would have taken a lot of time and resources. YAP’s service offering fully met this need.

The future optimization of ongoing product sales and their components was examined concerning competition in the Amazon market. The more competition there is, and the more competitors take actions that promote sales, the more often a customer should respond to changes in the market made by competitors.

In the first phase, the competition was relatively high, and therefore, the customer ended up subscribing to a weekly optimization of Amazon sales for a monthly fee. YAP would take care of the technical maintenance of the customer’s product listings: should a listing go down in the search results, YAP would immediately raise it higher. The service also included competitor tracking, algorithm optimization of product listings, marketing campaigns, and monthly reporting to the customer.

The ongoing services provided by YAP ensured that the customer’s product sales on Amazon would remain at the planned level and generate adequate margins.

Our series of articles, Clearing your road to Amazon, showed step by step how YAP experts are helping a client company grow their business through Amazon sales. If you’ve considered accelerating the growth of your business through Amazon e-commerce sales, we’re your partner.


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